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Common Problems and Solutions of Multi-Effect Water Distiller

Jul. 20, 2020

Multi Effect Water DistillerThe distilled water (water for injection) prepared by the Multi Effect Water Distiller is prepared by high-temperature distillation of raw water (purified water). The high-temperature distillation process kills microorganisms and produces secondary steam (soda water). Mixture), through the multi-stage spiral separation, the microorganisms are discharged and the dry pure steam is separated at the same time. At the same time, the pure steam is used in the heat energy of the evaporator and preheater of each school. Use water. The multi-effect distilled water machine will also have different factors affecting water quality during use:

1, Chloride ion, pH and ammonia content exceed standard

The fouling of the front electrodialysis membrane or the aging of ion exchange resin will make it exceed the standard.

Solution: electrodialysis descaling or resin regeneration

2, Yellow impurities

If water for injection is mixed with broken resin, insoluble impurities will appear.

Solution: Add a filter device before the multi-effect water distiller, and clean the device regularly to prevent the broken resin from entering the multi-effect water distiller.

3, Bacterial endomycin is unqualified

Gas-liquid separation is the main method of removing bacterial endomycin by multi-effect water distilling machine. The following factors cause bacterial endomycin unqualified:

(1) Water quality: The water quality of the raw water is too poor. If the ion exchange resin has the ability to adsorb bacteria, more bacteria will enter the multi-effect distilled water machine.

Solution: Install an ultrafilter before the multi-effect distilled water machine to sterilize and ultrafilter the raw water.

(2) The steam pressure is too high

Excessive steam pressure reflects that the heat is too high, resulting in excessive secondary steam pressure, which squeezes the material water droplets through the water droplet suppression device and enters the distilled water collection pipe, which affects the water quality.

Solution: Observe the temperature on each level of effect column and adjust it in time.

(3) Material water retention

Material water retention not only affects the yield of water for injection but also the quality of water for injection.

Solution: Observe closely the mirrors of each effect of the multi-effect distilled water machine, control the appropriate material water flow and steam pressure, and observe the water level of each effect cloth.

(4) There is leakage in the distilled water pipe inside the multi-effect distilled water machine

After long-term use of stainless steel pipes, metal aging may occur at the welded joints to form leakage. Solution: Repair the aging parts immediately.

(5) Improper operation by personnel

4, Internal scaling of multi-effect water distiller

The water treatment equipment supplier reminds you: the long-term use of the multi-effect water distilled water machine is prone to deposits and scales in the steam, which makes the inside of the equipment unclean, reduces the evaporation area, reduces the internal heat exchange capacity, and affects the water output and quality. In severe cases, the pipeline can be blocked.

Solution: Turn on the multi-effect distilled water machine, maintain a certain steam pressure, first use hydrogen peroxide for dynamic cycle treatment, and then use raw water for treatment until qualified water for injection is produced.

5, Other

In the actual production process, problems are encountered and the causes and solutions are gradually summarized. Operate correctly.


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