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Rotary Granulator Is a Common Pharmaceutical Equipment

Aug. 15, 2020

Revolving granulator and the material contact part are made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, high granulation molding rate, beautiful granules, automatic discharging, to avoid particle damage caused by manual discharging, and suitable for flow Operation .

Rotary granulator is a common pharmaceutical equipment, but also can be used in food, chicken essence, electronics and other industries. It is a device that grinds wet powder lumps into granules by rotating, and can also break up strips or irregular fragile and loose materials. It is made of stainless steel for the parts in contact with the material, with beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, high granulation forming rate, beautiful granules, automatic discharging, and avoiding particle damage caused by manual discharging.


The composition of the rotary granulator is mainly composed of a hopper, a cooling system, a pressing knife, a granulating knife, a screen frame, a discharging tray, a granulation system, a transmission system, and an electrical system. The mechanical transmission parts are housed inside. European and American transmission technology and advanced design make the machine run smoothly, and the noise during operation is as low as 70 decibels.

Revolving Granulator

Revolving Granulator

Use range

1. The granulator is a kind of swinging action with a rotating drum. The wet powder material can be ground into granules through an iron wire screen, and it can also be widely used to crush the lumps into ready-made granules. 2. The powder used in chemical medicine is ground into granules. After drying, it is used to compress tablets. It can also crush the blocks that agglomerated during storage or agglomerated during chemical processing. In industry, it is used to process candy and sugar mixture and malt milk and other products, and in other industries, such as ceramics, plastics and other mixtures become shaped particles. 3. It is not suitable for semi-solid, fluid, slurry or abrasive use.

The granulating system is different from the traditional rotary granulator. When the granulating knife is working, the speed of the pressing knife can be adjusted independently or stopped, which is more widely applicable.

The rotary granulator can also carry out stepless speed control on the discharge speed and granulation speed respectively, so that the length of the granules is uniform. The product uses a split screen, a set of two screens, the new type of mesh structure is more convenient and quick to disassemble and replace the screen, the screen is less deformed in production, and the service life is significantly longer than that of the traditional screen. Greatly reduce production costs, reduce labor intensity, and improve production efficiency.


Make the two ends consistent with the line speed of the inner and outer ring of the mold, and there is no dislocation friction between the wheel and the mold, which reduces the resistance, reduces the kinetic energy loss, and extends the service life of the mold. This is a major difference from similar compression molding equipment. . It adopts the screw center pressure regulating mechanism, and the mold gap is as large as the small, suitable for different materials to ensure the pressing effect. Its pressure roller adopts a large groove width, bearing pressure and wear resistance, and a plurality of pressure rollers are uniformly distributed, and the operation is stable. At the same time, the pressing area is increased, and the production efficiency is improved. Compression molding of wood chips and straw requires a lot of pressure. In similar pelletizing, briquetting, and rod making equipment, the pressure wheel is the central part of the entire equipment. The advantage of the "cone wheel flat die" that the pressing wheel can be enlarged arbitrarily is incomparable with other equipment. For example, the ring model granulator is limited by the diameter of the ring die, and the pressing wheel cannot be enlarged, which causes the bearing chamber of the pressing wheel to change. Small, the assembled bearing does not have strong pressure-bearing capacity, and the damage of the bearing causes the disadvantage of three stops and two rests. This model has diversified compression molding. Round bars, squares, and pellets can be made by just changing the mold. It is suitable for compression molding of different materials and achieves the best benefits. The granulation room is equipped with an observation door for easy maintenance and repair at any time.

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