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  • automatic bottle double side labeling machine

automatic bottle double side labeling machine

Product Description

YT-71200 Double Side Bottle Labeling Machine


Double Side labeler, using self-adhesive label, can simultaneously label front and back side of square, flat, round and ellipse bottles. It can also label only on one side. Two side labeler is manufactured in high quality control and adopts the developed control system. Every system design achieves the best condition and the best stablity in any environment. Even in the fast speed, the machine can still remain exact labeling.


1. bottle distributing device: separating the mass flow bottles.

2. horizontal adjustor: adjusting bottles of different width by hand wheel.

3. emergency stop: main switch

4. conveying device: to convey bottles to be labeled.

5. control cabinet: with all electric components and circuit layout

6. adjustable spacer: to adjust machine height to suit different assembly line height

7. bottle top pressing adjustor: to meet different bottle height

8. human machine interface: touch screen with parameter and time setup, such as speed, capacity

9. vertical device: to adjust labeling head and conveyor height to suit different product height

10. bottle top pressing device: to press tightly the bottles, prevent them from running and ensure the labeling accuracy. 


Labeling  accuracy±1.0mm
Labeling speed30~160pcs/min   (depending on bottle, tag size)
Suitable size

Square bottle: length: 20mm-250mm    Width:30mm-90mm     Height: 60-280mmRound  

bottle: dia.45mm-dia.100mm

Label  sizeLength:   20mm-200mm  Width:20mm-160mm
Label  roll outer diameterDia.280mm
Label  roll inner diameterDia.76mm
Conveying  speed16m/min
Overall dimension3000mm*1450mm*1600mm
Total   weight330kg

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