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  • automatic flat object  labeling machine

automatic flat object labeling machine

Product Description

YT-11300 Flat Object Automatic labeling machine 


suitable tag: self adhesive tag, self adhesive film, eletronic monitoring code, bar code

suitable product: products with flat or big curve suface

applicable industry: printing, stationery, packing, food, medical industry etc.

application example: books, folders, cartons, plates etc


1.Simple and compact in design.

2.With PLC control System and touch screen 

3.widely used in printing, stationery, food, daily chemical, medical and hardware industry.

4.Wide application, production width can be 30-300mm. By changing label pressing unit, it can meet the labeling of unsmooth products.

5. high labeling accuracy. Step motor or servo motor drives to label to ensure labeling accuracy.

The deviation correction device of the label reel ensures that the label won’t deviate during drawing and eccentric wheel ensures the accurate labeling.

6. High stability, with Panosonic PLC and Italy Datasensor, it can work 7*24 hours

7. Intelligent control, with electro-optical tracking system. No product, no labeling., no label missing and waste.

8. Touch screen is English operated, easy for parameter setup and operation

9. it has strong function. It can save production number, energy saving, parameter setup protection, it’s easy for production management.

10. code printer or jet printer, automatic loading and unloading are optional.

Technical Data:  

Tag length6-250mm
Tag width20-150mm   (back paper)
Product sizeLength:40-400mm,   Width: 30-300mm,           Height: 0.2-150mm
Labeling   accuracy±1.5mm
Label roll   outer diameterMax. 280mm
Label roll   inner diameter76mm
Label speed40-150pcs/min
Conveying   speed5~18m/min,   adjustable
Voltage220V/110V,   50/60Hz
Overall   dimension1600*780*1400mm   (L*W*H)


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