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  • Automatic round bottle labeling machine
  • Automatic round bottle labeling machine

Automatic round bottle labeling machine

Product Description

YT-21200 Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

1. The Scope of Application

The model YT-21200 is applicable to round object of various sizes in food, medicine, daily chemical and other light industries.

2. Characteristic

Adopt mature technology of PLC control system, operation is stable and high-speed;

Using touch-screen control operating system, simple, practical, efficient;

Screw adjustment press mechanism device, bottle body move accurately;

Synchronization chain mechanism ensures labeling smoothly;

Advanced technology of pneumatic code system, print the batch number and expiry date clearly for thres lines;

Transmission-type rolling device makes the label attach the object more tightly

3. Advantages

Imported electric elements, stable performance, low failure rate;

Adopt photoelectric detection, PLC control system, software operation, labeling accurately with high precision; 

It can be operated alone or connect with packaging line;

No bottle, no labeling, automatic alarm when label leakage occurs.

The whole machine use SS304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy,with high corrosion resistance and it never rust; 

4. Schematic Diagram 

bottle transported to the conveyor,move stably through the press bottle device;

When the sensor test the bottles, send signal to PLC;

The PLC received the signal and send to step motor . 

The step motor driving the outing label motor to send label. 

The bottle transported to the label device, pass the label on the bottle more smoothly and then delivery to the next process.

Technical Data: 

Tag length20-2850mm
Tag width20-160mm
Bottle diameter and height25-90mm, 25-300mm
Tag roll outer diameterφ280mm
Tag roll inner diatmerφ76mm
Labeling  accuracy±1mm
Label coming out speedStep motor: 5-19m/min
Label onto bottle speedStep motor: 25-45pcs/min
Conveying   speed5~18m/min
power1570W (Draw step)
Compressed   air0.4~0.6Mpa
Overall   dimension1950*1200*1530mm

The speed depends on the length of the label. Special needs are upon your request

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