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  • Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

Product Description

Model C12 Automatic Teabag Packing Machine with Tag and Thread

Type:Teabag packing machine with tag and label
Product model:C12
Product name:Automatic filter paper tea-bag Packaging Machine
Purpose:This machine is suitable for packing such products as broken tea, coffee, ginseng essence, diet tea, health-caring tea, medicine tea ,as well as tea leaves etc.
Feature:The machine can automatically complete such functions as bag-making, filling, measuring, sealing, thread feeding, tag-attaching, cutting, counting, etc, thus reducing labor expenses and improving production efficiency.
MeasuringVolumetric method
Measuring Scope1.5-5 gram, 3-15ml
Bag SizeL: 50×75mm; W. 50-75(mm)
Label SizeWidth: 28mm; length: 18-23mm
Packing Speed30-60bags/minute
External Dimensions900×950×1800(mm)
Machine WeightAbout 300KG
Input Power Supply220V, 50HZ
Total Power1.6KW
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