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  • CT-C Series Hot Air Circulation Oven
  • CT-C Series Hot Air Circulation Oven

CT-C Series Hot Air Circulation Oven

Product Description

CT-C Series Hot Air Circulation Oven


High heating efficiency

By means of forced air blast, the drying chamber can dry materials evenly.

Multiple heating resources, e.g. steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared.

Low noise, balanced operation, and easy temperature control, installation and maintenance.

Universal drying equipment.


Heating, solidification, drying and dehydration of drugs, chemicals, food, agricultural and sideline products, marine products, e.g. raw medicines, crude drugs, traditional Chinese medicines prepared in ready-to-use forms, extracturms, powders, granular drugs, packing bottles, pigments, dyestuffs, vegetables, melons and fruits, sausages, plastic resins, electronic components and coatings.

Technical data

spec. of industry standardSpec.batch drying cap.(Kg)Power(Kw)Steam to be consumed(Kg/h)Heat radiation area(m2Airvelocity(m3/h)Temp. between  top and bottom (℃)Baking trays(pcs)Overall dimension (L×W×H)mmBaking cart to be used (set)
RXH-14-C CT-C-Ⅰ100 0.45 18 20 3450 ±2 48 2300×1200×2000 2
RXH-25-Ahigh efficiency and high temperature far infrared sterilizing oven1200×1000×16001
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