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  • Double cone rotary vacuum dryer

Double cone rotary vacuum dryer

Product Description

SZG Double Cone Vacuum Dryer


SZG Series Conical Vacuum Dryer is a new generation drying device developed by our factory on the basis of combining the technology of similar equipment. It has two connecting ways, i.e. belt or chain. Therefore it is stable in operation. The special design guarantees two shafts realize good concentricity. Heat medium and vacuum system all adopt reliable rotating connector with the technology fromUSA. On this basis, we also developed SZG-A. It can carry out steepless speed change and constant temperature control.
As a specialized factory in drying industry, we supply hundred sets to the customers every year. As for working medium, it may be thermal oil or steam or hot water. For drying the adhesive raw material, we have designed specially a stirring plate buffer for you.

Let heat source (for example, low pressure steam or thermal oil) pass through the sealed jacket. The heat will be transmitted to raw material to be dried through inner shell;

Under driving of power, the tank is rotated slowly and the raw material inside is mixed continuously. The purpose of reinforced drying can be realized;

The raw material is under vacuum. The drop of steam pressure makes the moisture (solvent) at the surface of raw material become saturation and will evaporate. The solvent will be discharged through vacuum pump and recovered in time. The inner moisture (solvent) of raw material will infiltrate, evaporate and discharge continuously. The three processes are carried out unceasingly and the purpose of drying can be realized within a short time.


It is suitable for the raw materials that need to concentrate, mixed and to be dried at low temperature (for example, biochemistry) products in chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries. Particularly it is suitable for the raw materials that are easy to be oxidized, volatilized and have night heat sensitivity and is toxic and not permitted to destroy its crystal in drying process.

Technical Data

total volumeL100200350500750100015002000300040005000
working volume  L501001752503755007501000150020002500
heating aream 2  1.161.522.633.54.615.587.510.212.114.1
rotating   heightmm18101910209021952500266529153055353038004180
total weightkg8251050135016501800207022503000450053506000
design   pressure inside the tankmpa-0.09~-0.15  
design   pressure of jacketmpa0.3

Speed adjusting motor of 0-6rpm might be chosen according to the user's requirements. The following aspects should be point out before order: 

1. The above-mentioned parameters are calculated based on material density of 0.6g/cm3. If it's higher, please point it out.
2. If certificate for pressure vessel is required or not
3. If glass lining for interior surface is required or not 
If the material is explosive, or flammable, the calculation should be made according to trial result.

When oil is used to heat, use automatic constant temperature control. It can be used for drying biology products and mine. Its temperature of operation can be adjusted form 20-160 .
Compared to ordinal dryer, its heat efficiency will be 2 times higher.
The heat is indirect. So the raw material can not be polluted. It is in conformity with the requirement of GMP. It is easy in washing and maintenance.

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