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  • Double screw cone mixer
  • Double screw cone mixer

Double screw cone mixer

Product Description

WH series double screw conical mixer/blender


This machine is a new , efficient, high-precision mixing equipment, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and feed industries, mixing various powdered materials. 

The machine finishes its rotation by a motor and cycloidal pin gear speed gear. Material is stirred and mixed by two asymmetric screws, featuring wide range of mixing and quick mixing. It's more suitable for mixing materials with big gravity difference and different mixing proportion.
The parts contacting with material are stainless steel

Technical Parameter

total volume(m3)0.30.5124610
feeding rate0.4-0.6
diameter of materials to be mixed(um) 40-3000
operation conditionAmbient temperature, normal pressure, sealed to dust
production capacity p=1g/cm3(kg)1803006001200240036006000
time of mixing(min) 4-10 (special material to be determined by trial)

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