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  • S800 High-Speed Full-Automatic Double Twist Packing Machine

S800 High-Speed Full-Automatic Double Twist Packing Machine

Product Description

S800 High-Speed Full-Automatic Double Twist Candy Packing Machine



Double-twist packaging candies with a regular shape , such as the ellipse, cylinder, sphere, rectangle and so on.


1. Easy operation, high efficiency, Less labor of manpower, steady operation, low noise and easy maintain.

2. With imported high-precision wheel intermittently cutting and cam drive mechanism in the major parts, all movements are accurate and precise. 

3. The AC motor is accompanied by a frequency converter that enables stepless speed variation control, with high precision, low consumption of energy and a longer life expectancy . Besides ,the motor can be dynamically adjusted during operation.

4. Fully automatic PCL computer controller, internationally advanced photoelectric sensor. Photoelectric detection, bidirectional tracking , quick tracking, accurate pattern and effective elimination of any errors in packing.

5. Overload protection, leakage protection and alarm for lack of the film.

6. Parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel, which is smooth and easy to clean.

7. Both single-layer packing film and double-layer packing film can be used, and an automatic hopper can be added to the machine.

Technical parameter

 Packing speed: 500-600 pieces/Min.

 Candy size (mm):12-32(L), 12-26(W), 6-20(H)

 Packing material: BOPP+CPP, PET+CPP and other different kinds of composite materials

 Machine size (mm):2030*1250*1810(L*W*H)



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