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  • DPP-260 Flat plate blister packing machine

DPP-260 Flat plate blister packing machine

Product Description

DPP-260 Full automatic flat plate blister packing machine


It is a high-speed flat plate aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine. It is driven by servo motor, with better accuracy, stable operation and convenient adjustment.  It can be used to pack tablets,capsules,candy,also can packaging many big sizes products,such as electronic cigarettes,disposable syringes,perfume,tomato paste, soft capsules, big honey pills,injections,penicillin bottles and etc.

This machine is a multi-purpose model of aluminium-plastic/paper-plastic and aluminium-aluminium. It has the functions of automatic forming, feeding, sealing and servo traction. It meets the requirements of GMP production. It is an ideal product for mass production of pharmaceuticals, health products, chemical industry, electronics, food and so on.

Main Features

1.The machine is driven by full servo, the traction distance is zero error, and the maximum traction distance can reach 185mm. It is suitable for long-term operation, easy to adjust and greatly reduces the difficulty of adjustment.

2.It's with PLC control, frequency control, speed control, touch screen operation, higher accuracy, better integration, simpler operation.

3.It redesigned the mould design of forming position, heat sealing position and cutting tool position. All the moulds were positioned by high-grade slot clamping type, one-key positioning, which could be adjusted freely by handwheel, and the debugging time was reduced by half.

4.It adopts rack spindle positioning in all positions such as forming, heat sealing, batch number, indentation and blanking. Each position can move freely on the spindle through the free adjustment of handwheel, which greatly facilitates the adjustment and alignment of each position.

5.It has reformed the function of mechanical forming. The combination of positive pressure air forming and mechanical punch forming has effectively solved the difficult problem of forming large and deep materials such as large density pellets and disposable syringes. It is equipped with special automatic feeder, which can meet the requirements of high-speed packaging of injection,penicillin bottles and so on.

6.It has a wide range of applications. It can be produced with PVC, PS, PET and other materials.

7.The aluminium-plastic blister packing machine is a multi-purpose model of aluminium-plastic/paper-plastic and aluminium-aluminium. It has low cost and convenient and quick conversion of molds.

8.The forming, traction and positioning module adopts proximity switch control instead of pneumatic component control, which has higher accuracy and longer service life. 

Main Technical Parameters

Production Capacity35000-230000 pellets per hour
Max. Shaping Dia. And Depth240*170*15mm Max. Depth 26mm(custom-made)
Blanking10~45 times/min
Power of Main Motor1.5kW
Total Power6.2kW
Power supply380V/220V/50Hz
Standard Travel Range40~185mm
Standard Plate80*57mm
Thickness and Width of PVC0.15~0.5*120mm
Thickness and Width of PTP0.02~0.035*120mm
Dialyzing Paper50~100g*120mm
gas consumption0.3m3/min
Mold CoolingRuning water or circulating water
WeightNet weight1300kg ;Gross weight1400kg
Overall Size of Machine3000*730*1600 mm(L*W*H)
Packing Size2750*950*1800mm(L*W*H)

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