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Dry Heat Sterizing Drying Oven

Product Description

DMH Series100 Class Purification Dry Heat Sterizing Drying Oven



1.PLC touch screen 

2.for pharmaceutic industry use 

3.GMP Standard 

4.stainlesss steel 

5.Cleanness: 100 class(level)

Brief introduction: 

1. This oven is adapted for sterilizing Cloxacillin bottle, setting bottle, aluminum cap, metal and glass vessel; as well as is adapted for drying and sterilizing solid material. 

2. The control system adopts advanced, sensitive PLC human-machine touch screen, micro pressure difference meter, automatic humidity discharging valve, consistency tester for flammable gas used in particular environment and so on. These important components are made in Japan, America and Taiwan. Thus, ovens quality is guaranteed. The perfect hundred-level purifying system accords with GMP Standard.

3. DMH series product has many types for option. Its collocation and size can be made to the order according to use, condition and output. 

Working principle: 

 The drying tray, bottle or trolly filed with material is put in the oven. Start up the PLC system; the inner circulation fan starts to heat up and the butterfly valve is opened; then the temperature in drying oven increases quickly. Under the action of the inner circulation fan, dry and hot air enters into the oven through the high-temperature resistant high-efficiency filter and forms a air flow distributed evenly transferring to the oven under the action of micro regulating plate. The dry air absorbs the water on the surface of bottle (material, object) and then enters into the heating pipe for evaporation and discharging. The dry air makes circulating movement under the action of fan so that steam is discharged. Along with the reducing of steam, fresh filtered air is supplied. The oven body is of micro positive pressure. When the constant temperature is finished, the control course is finished. Open the air supply or water supply system for forcible cooling. The automatic butterfly valve turns to closed state. The sound-light alarm system indicates to open the door.

Technical Data

ModelHeating power(KW)Motor power(KW)Temp. range(℃)Working chamber(mm)Overall dimension(mm)Drying layerCleaness level
DMH-161.1+0.43Indoor  temp.~280600×500×7501630×920×1920As per clients’ need100
DMH-2122.2+0.55Indoor  temp.~280800×800×10001880×1220×2170
DMH-3183+0.62Indoor  temp.~2801000×1000×12002080×1420×2370
DMH-4243+1.1Indoor  temp.~2801000×1200×14002080×1620×2820
DMH-5274+1.3Indoor  temp.~2801000×1200×16002080×1620×3020
DMH-6546+1.3Indoor  temp.~2801600×1300×16002400×1720×3020

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