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  • Horizontal labeling machine

Horizontal labeling machine

Product Description

Horizontal Ampoule/Vial Labeler


Self-adhesive labeling machine 

PLC control system 

High speed, high precision 

Low price, easy to operate 

Sensor for transparent label and code printer are optional

Horizontal Ampoule/Vial Labeler is suitable for objects with thin and long body and unable to stand.Such as oral liquid bottle,small injection bottle,ball pen and batteries.


1.Simple and compact in design.

2.With PLC control System with Feather touch Keyboard and LCD display.

3.Can store up to 16 different programs for setting of different type of bottles. 

4. Label release and fixing mechanism to release the label.

5. With OMRON motor or Servo motor drive as per requirement

6. On Line Batch coding (Optional)

7.As the use of optical control devices, power protection devices and other advanced systems of sunx & Autonics company, which has a start buffer function, the overall high sensitivity, low-speed torque, speed and stability, voltage stability, the strong ability of anti-interference and strong technical characteristics. It ensures labeling accuracy, stable and efficient. 

Technical Data 

Tag length20-100mm
Tag width20-130mm
Bottle   diameter10-30mm
Tag roll   outer diameterφ280mm
Tag roll   inner diatmerφ76mm
Labeling   accuracy±0.5mm
Label-coming   out speedStep motor: 5-19m/min, Servo motor:5-25m/min
Label on   bottle speedStep motor:  100-300pcs/min  Servo motor:  150-400pcs/min
Conveying speed5-18 m/min
power1020W (Draw step) 1470W (draw   servo)
Overall   dimension2050*650*1450mm

The speed depends on the label length. Special needs can be met upon your request

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