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  • LD Series Multi Effect Water Distiller

LD Series Multi Effect Water Distiller

Product Description

LD Series Multi Effect Distiller



The distilled water machine is multi-effect distilled water machines with vapor-heating method. Through scientific calculation, the quantity of heat is utilized many times circularly, so they have high thermal efficiency. Compared with old type, single-effect distilled water equipment, the multi-effect distilled water machines can save more than two thirds of energy. They are presently the pioneer and the best energy saving distilled water equipment in China. The distilled water produced from there machines is of stable quality, high purity and in conformity with the Chinese pharmacopoeia. It can be used as injection water.

The multi-effect distilled water machines have following models according to their capacity.

LD200-3, LD500-4, LD1000-4, LD2000-5, LD3000-6 and so on.


LD Series Multi-effect water distiller has become the most accepted process for the production of WFI in pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Fed by pure water, and heated by plant steam, multi-effect distillation can produce WFI of stable quality and high purity. The technology of multi evaporation makes effective heat consumption.

Working Principle

The construction of columns on multi-effect distillation is collocated-tube, falling film technology with centrifugal impurity and pyrogene separation. The feed water drops down at the inside of the evaporator tube where it is converted into pure steam. Special distributor makes the water goes down the tube in a membrane way and evaporate rapidly and the water-drop (moist form) in that pure steam is removed. The pure steam without water-drop then goes into next column as heat source and it is condensed as distillated water.

 Technical Data

Capacity (L/h)>200>300>500>1000>2000>3000
Steam consumption (Kg/h)7590150260525800
Pure water consumption (Kg/h)240360600110022003300
Cooling Water consumption (L/h)240230300270550880
Overall dimension (mm)1000x800
Weight (Kg)240450820180022003300

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