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Mesh belt drying machine

Product Description

DW Series Mesh-Belt Drying Machine


DW series is the new continuous drying equipment. It is applied in drying piece, strip and granule materials with fine penetrability, and is especially suitable for materials with high water content but allowing low temperature including dried vegetables and Chinese medical herbs. This series feature high drying speed, high evaporation rate and fine end product quality etc. In addition, the dryer can be used in the processing of paste materials if it's granulated or made into stick shape.
Working principle

The materials are evenly spread on the mesh belt (12 to 60-mesh stainless steel gauze), and are transported into the dryer by the transmission device, which are composed by several units. Each unit has independent hot air circulation, and part of the end gas is exhausted with special moisture removal fans. The waste gas is controlled by adjusting valves. The hot air transmits heat and mass vertically through the mesh belt, and removes water in the materials. The mesh belt'speed is determined according to the material temperature, and the dried materials will fall into the collector continuously. The upper and lower units can be configured and the number of units can be decided flexibly as required by the clients.

Technical data

Unit number454545
Belt width (m)1.21.62
Drying section length (m)810810810
Thickness of the material to be covered  (mm)10-80
Temperature (℃)50-120
Steam pressure  (Mpa)0.2-0.6
Steam consumption  (kg/h)120-300150-375150-375170-470180-500225-600
Drying time  (h)0.2-1.20.25-1.50.2-1.20.25-1.50.2-1.20.25-1.5
Drying strength  (kg  H2O/h)60-16080-22075-22095-250100-260120-300
Total power of the blower (kw)9.912.19.912.118.222.2
Total power of the equipment  KW11.413.611.413.619.723.7


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