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  • Multi direction movement mixer
  • Multi direction movement mixer

Multi direction movement mixer

Product Description

SYH Series Multi-direction Movement Mixer


This new designed mixer is widely applied in pharmaceuticals foodstuffs, chemical, industrials and light industries to mix dry powder and granulator. 


This mixer provides high quality mixing by meanings of the multi direction movements of its barrel which fast the fluidity and diffuse of the materials avoid specific gravity accumulation, due to eccentricity. 


It is mainly composed of driving system, electrical control system, multidirectional motions mechanism and mixing barrel, it is more efficient than ordinary mixers. It's with a unique barrel body, made of stainless steel, inside and outside polished, without dead corner. 


1. Even mixing, higher barrel volume utilization than that the 40% of other mixers. 

2. Special designed barrel, finely polished both inside and outside, material is unloaded by self weight. It's no sharp corner, no materials remained on the inner wall, easy to wash mixing within barred no environment pollution. 

3. It doesn't pollute the environment.

Technical parameter

volume of barrel(L)5010020040060080010001200
charge volume (L)45901803605407209001080
charge weight(kg)15-2730-5450-108100-216150-324200-432250-540300-648
rotation speed of main   shaft (r/min)0-200-200-150-150-130-100-100-9
motor power (Kw)
size LxWxH (mm)1150×1400 ×13001250×1800 ×15501450×2000 ×15501650×2200 ×15501850×2500 ×17502100×2650 ×20002150×2800 ×21002000×3000 ×2260
weight (kg)300800120012001500170018002000

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