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  • RO Series Purified Water System

RO Series Purified Water System

Product Description

RO Series Purified Water System


RO Series Purified Water System can effect pharmaceutical water directly, it submits to GMP critical system . RO and EDI equipment are designed for application in a wide range of purified water preparation of pharmaceutical plant and core equipment. Reverse osmosis is also called opposite osmosis relative to “osmosis”. Osmosis is a process of water from the dilute solution flows to concentrate through the semi permeable membrane automatically. For the reverse osmosis , in the action of applied pressure ,water from the concentrate flows to the dilute solution , it is un-optional. EDI is also called continuous electro deionization , it brings electro dialysis and ion exchange technology together as one, By the action of electric field , ion directional movement then removes the salts . The working of EDI also a process of resin rebirth continuously ,EDI device is after RO system . Using RO + EDI , water quality can reach16MΩ•CM, no any acid and alkali , work automatically for full process .

Technical Data

Raw water(L/H)6701,3302,6504,0005,3006,6508,00010,600
Concentrated water (L/H)1703306501,0001,3001,6502,0002,600
Recycle rate (%)75

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