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  • semi aumatic flat bottle labeling machine

semi aumatic flat bottle labeling machine

Product Description

YT-302 Semi automatic Flat Bottle Labeling Machine

Flat Bottle Labeling Machine Working Principle:

1.widely used in cosmetic, drinking, food and medical industry, improved the productivity greatly and labeling qualtiy 

2.suitable for flat PET bottle, plastic flat bottle, glass flat bottle , flat paper.

YT-302 Bottle Labeling Machine Advantage:

1.Wilde application, suitable for flat objects, we can also customize according to customer’s need 

2.high labeling accuracy, labeling deviation: ≤±1mm 

3.with squeezing type feeding device, labeling can be finished automatically. 

4.synchronous belt drawing, improved the stability 

5.with block adjustable, easy to change the labeling bottle 

6.beautiful design, simple structure 

7.with photocell tracking, sensitive labeling detection 

8.with coder, labeling and coding can be finished in one machine 

Semi Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine Parameters

1.Labeling accuracy: ±1mm

2.Labeling speed: 10~25 pcs/min

3.Suitable product size: length: 30~300mm, width: 20~100mm, height: 0.2~60mm

4.suitable label size:  length: 50~90mm, width: (back paper width): 20~150mm

5.Machine dimension: 850*410*720mm

6.Power: 220V/50Hz

7.Weight: about 45KG

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