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  • Semi automatic aerosol filling machine
  • Semi automatic aerosol filling machine

Semi automatic aerosol filling machine

Product Description

QG-ZB-3 Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machine 

Aerosol Filling Machine Introduction:

QG-ZB-3 Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machine is composed of such three parts as: Liquid Filler, Crimper and propellant filling machine (booster pump included). The machine has found widespread application in such fields as pharmacy, healthcare, automobile, environmental protection, fighting and daily chemical, to fill such as mousse, air purifying agent, pesticide, disinfector, fire extinguishing agent, carburetor cleanser and PU foam filler etc. Production capacity: 500-1000 cans/hr

Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machine Composition:

1. Liquid Filler:

Maximum filling capacity: 600ml

The Liquid filler is suitable for all kinds of Liquid media, including that of certain viscosity and concentration. It has a good self-sucking capability.

2. Crimper:

Size of aerosol valve to be adapted: 1″

Characteristic: It's reliable in crimping quality and easy to adjust

3. Propellant filling machine (booster pump included).

Maximum filling capacity: 500ml

Filling Machine Applications:

The machine is mainly used to fill propane, butane, Freon, DME, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, compressed air and 134a, etc. The main seals are made of imputed material. Filling can be made with various valves. A large capacity booster pump is used for bidirectional pressurization. Therefore, filling is quick and metering is accurate.

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