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  • semi automatic plane labeling machine

semi automatic plane labeling machine

Product Description

YT-301 Semi Automatic Plane Labeling Machine

The Basic Purpose

◆ Paste label by the way of sucking-sticking, to achieve all kinds of plane labeling. Such as cosmetics flat bottles, packing boxes, labeling on the plastic cap and so on.

◆ Change the covering mechanism, make it suitable to the uneven surface’s labeling, such as concave flat, arc surface’s labeling and so on.

◆ Change the mould, make it applicable to a variety of irregular goods’ labeling.

◆ Optional ribbon coding machine and ink-jet printer, to print batch number and the production date on the label at the same time, to achieve a coding – Labeling’s integration.

Technical Parameters 

             Parameter Name           Specific Parameter Values
Labeling Accuracy± 0.5mm (except for   products & labels' error)
Labeling Speed15 to 25 pcs / min (related to products' size)
Applicable Products' SizeLength: 20mm ~ 200mm; Width: 20mm ~ 200mm;Thick:0.2mm~120mm(can be customized as per clients’ request)
Applicable Label's SizeLength: 15mm ~ 200mm; Width: 20mm ~ 200mm; (can be customized as per clients’   request)
Machine's SizeApproximately 850mm ×   410mm × 720mm
  (length × width × height);
Power supply220V/50HZ
Total WeightApproximately 41Kg
Applicable label’s inner   diameterØ76mm
Applicable label’s outer diameterØ 240mm
Air Pressure0.4-0.6Mpa

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