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  • Square and round static vacuum dryer

Square and round static vacuum dryer

Product Description

Model FZG/YZG Square and Round Static Vacuum Dryer

General descriptions

The drier uses vacuum pump to exhaust air and humidity to vacuate the operating chamber, which can greatly accelerate the dry velocity and save power consumption.
Vacuum drier is grouped into static vacuum drier (FZG, YZG series) and dynamic vacuum drier (SZG series). If the materials are processed by static vacuum drier, the materials will be dried in a resting state; if the materials are processed by dynamic vacuum drier, the materials will be incessantly stirred for drying. 

Notes:if condenser is applied, the solvent in raw material can be recovered. If the solvent is water,condenser might be canceled and the energy investment can be saved. 

The vacuum drier is specially used for the drying of heat sensitive materials, materials for which the solvents should be recycled, and materials that contain irritative or poisonous gas in the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical, food and dyestuff. All technical parameters of exhaust air are consistent with related standards of GMP.


Under the vacuum condition, the boiling point of raw material will decrease and make the evaporation efficiency heighten. Therefore for a certain amount of heat transfer, the conducting area of d ryer can be saved.

The heat source for evaporation can be low pressure steam or waste heat steam.

The heat loss is Iess.

Before drying,the treatment of disinfection may be carried out. During the period of drying,there is no impurity material mixed. It is in conformity with GMP standard.

It belongs to static dryer. So the shape of raw material to be dried won't be destroyed.

Technical data

Model   nameYZG-600YZG-1000YZG-1400AFZG-15
Inner   size of drying chamber (mm)φ600x976φ1000x1527φ1400x20541500x1400x1220
Outer size of drying chamber (mm)1135x810x10201693x1190x15002386x1675x19201513x1924x2060
Layers of baking support4688
Interval   (mm)81102102122
Size of baking tray (mm)310x600x45520x410x45460x640x45460x640x45
Quantity  of baking tray4123232
Working   pressure inside the pipe of baking support (Mpa)≤0.784≤0.784≤0.784≤0.784
Shelf   temp. (℃)35~15035~15035~15035~150
Vacuum  inside the chamber when operation in idle (Mpa)-0.1-0.1-0.1-0.1

Under the pressure of –0.1Mpa and 110℃   

evaporation rate of water kg/M2.h
When condensor is used, model and power of vacuum pump (kw)2X-15A 2KW2X-30A 3KW2X-70A 5.5KW2X-70A 5.5KW
When condensor is not used, model and power of vacuum, pump (kw)SZ-0.5    1.5KWSZ-1  2.   2KWSZ-2  4KWSZ-2  4KW
Weight of drying chamber (kg)25080014002100

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