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  • SYK-250 Oscillating Granulator

SYK-250 Oscillating Granulator

Product Description

YK Series Oscillating Granulator


This machine makes use of the rolling motion of rotating barrel, granulates the wet powdery materials into granule by sieve, it also can be directly used to crush the agglomerate materials into small granule.

This machine is not suitable for solid, fluid medium, paste or pulverizing.

The mesh size of meshed sieve should be based on the requirements of the size of granule, decided by the users.

In chemical medicine field, it can be used to granulate the mixed powder into granule, and compressed granule into tablet after being dried. It also can be used to granulate the coagulated material that was formed during storage or during chemical processing. In food industry, it can be used to deal with the candy and sugar mixture as well as barley milk products. In other industries, it can be used to granulate such as porcelain and plastic mixtures into forming granules.

Principle of work

This machine is special equipment, under the action of clockwise and counter clockwise

Rotation of roller, wet powdery materials or dry agglomerate materials will be forced to pass

Through sieve, and then become granule.


The rotating speed of the roller can be adjusted during operation.

The sieve can be removed and remounted easily; its tension is also adjustable.

Operation is simply, low noise.

All parts are made of stainless steel, meet the GMP standard.

The driving mechanism is totally enclosed in the machine body and its lubrication system

Improves the useful time of the mechanical components, easy cleaning and operation.

Technical Data

Dia. of Rotor250mm
Swing angle360º
Rotor Speed55R/Min
Production Capacity100-1000kg/hr
Overall Size1450*1250*1500mm
Net Weight800kg

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