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Tubular centrifuge

Product Description

High Speed Tubular Centrifuge

Working Principle 

This separator is consisted of main body, driving device, bowl collecting pan and liquid-in bearing. The upper of the bowl is flexible main shaft and the lower of it is damp floating bearing. The main shaft is connected through and with a buffer of connecting seat and a driven wheel. The driven wheel is driven by a motor through driving wheel and tension gear to make the bowl rotate around its own axis at an extra speed and form a strong centrifuge force field. The stock flows into the liquid inlet from the bottom and is forced by centrifuge force to flow up to and along the inner wall of the bowl and then is separated the different layer according to density difference of the different liquid components

GQ type: Fine solid phase particles with great density are settled on the inner wall of the bowl gradually to form residue layer then to be discharged manually, after the machine stops. The liquid phase flows out of the liquid outlet at the bowl's upper after clarification.

GF type: Liquid phase with great density forms an outer loop and liquid phase with light density forms an inner loop, and flows to the upper of the bowl out of their respective liquid outlet. The little solid is settled on the inner wall of the bowl and then is discharged manually after the machine stops.

Main Purpose

High speed tubular centrifuge is an ideal instrument in biology, traditional medicine preparation, health food, chemistry for liquid separating and solid liquid separating. The minimum diameter of dissociative granule is 1 micron. It is especially separated for low differential proportion, small granularity, low solid content, strong medium corrosion, fuel distilled, and concentration and clarify. If you want to separate special material, please bring it to out company to do the separating test. 

Technical Data 

Notes: GF: Liquid/liquid/solid separator

GQ: Solid/liquid separator

 BowlInner diameter in mm4575105125142
Effective height in mm255430730735700
Settling volume L0.426810
Speed r/min0-2800020000163001530014300
Max separation factors1970016770150251550015570
Inlet nozzle diameter mm2、32、3、54、6、8、103、 5、 7、 96、 8、 10
Inlet pressure Mpa>0.05>0.05>0.05>0.05>0.05
 Capacity kg/h〜100〜500〜1200〜2000〜3000
MotorTypeUniversal motorY90S-2Y90L-2Y(B)112M-2Y100L-2
Power KW0.
Speed r/min0~45002840288028902880
Dimension(L×W×H)mm580×620×730 500×400×1200550×500×1650600×500×1650600×510×1650
Weight in kg120300400600500
Cooling pipe(optional)Heat exchange area m²0.50. 50. 51.30.553
Bearing pressure Mpa11<2.41<2.4

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