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  • Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing Machine

Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing Machine

Product Description

QDFM-125 Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing Machine

It is suitable for sealing plastic and composite tube such as toothpaste, Cosmetics, Medicines etc.

Aluminum alloy structure, stainless steel packaging. Independent man-machine operating platform, two - dimensional

adjustment of workpiece platform, it is easy to operate.

It adopts Taiwan cassette mechanism and circuit Lines,  whole machine adopts micro-computer controller.

Overload protection, phase separation protection, power failure protection.

Large Ultrasonic Output power to ensure the sealing quality of various specifications of tube.

Technical Parameter

Voltage: AC 220V±10%  50Hz/60Hz   

Machine power: 1250w    Work power:20KHZ   

Tube diameter: Φ10-60 mm

Capacity : 10-30 pcs/Minute      

Weight: About 88 Kg

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