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  • Vibration fluid bed dryer
  • Vibration fluid bed dryer

Vibration fluid bed dryer

Product Description

Model ZQG Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer


The vibration source is vibration motor. It features smooth running, convenient maintenance, low noise and long life.

Uniform fluid bed, without the phenomenon of gap and blowing out. The uniform drying and cooling product can be obtained.

Good adjustable and wide applicability. The change of thickness of material layer, moving speed in the machine and full amplitude can adopt infinitely adjustment.

Less damage to the surface of material. It can be used for drying material that is easy to break. The work effect is not affected even if the granule is irregular.

Adopt full sealed structure. It’s effective to protect cross contamination between material and air. The operation environment is clean.

High mechanical and thermal efficiency and good effect of energy saving. Compared with ordinary drying equipment it can save 30~60% energy.


It’s widely used for operation of drying, cooling and damp increasing (or carrying out at the same time) for power or granule material.

Principle of work

After being fed into the machine via inlet, materials are vibrated and scattered by the fluidized bed continuously. Meanwhile, the hot air blasts through the fluidized bed and heats the wet materials. Then, the wet air after being dusted will be exhausted by whirlwind separator via the air exit and the finished dry materials will be discharged via the outlet.

Technical Data

specfluid   bed size mmsize mmpower   of motor (kw)weight   (kg)
3×303003000350545010500.37×2  1240
3×453004500500545010500.75×2  1570
6×456004500500575013501.1×2  1967
6×75 600 7500 8010 7501750 1.5×2 2886
9×6090060006510105017501.5×2  3540
9×7590075008010105017502.2×2  4219
12×75  120075008010140022003×25223
15×75  150075008010170025004×26426

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